Group for biomedical engineering and biophysics is studying the behavior of complex systems, using modern methods and techniques of signal processing, and the application of methods of data analysis borrowed from statistical physics. Objects of our research are primarily recordings from biological systems (from the activity of individual neurons to the brain activation), as well as other complex systems and phenomena.
The group focuses on research in the field of neurophysics, where two different research approaches are utilized: usage of methods and techniques of fluctuation analysis of time series made of neuronal discharges, and the use of advances numerical methods of statistical modeling of neuronal systems. These different approaches are used to study the activity of individual neurons, neural networks, cardiac activity and the neurological disorders of tremor movements.
Scientific research group for biomedical engineering and biophysics has developed a range of methods and techniques that are specifically adapted to study phenomena in life sciences. As such, the group may serve as an integrative factor to improve the domain knowledge of other scientific research groups of the Institute for Medical Research.
sladjan milanovic
Slađan Milanović, PhD

Assistant Professor of Research


Group for the biomedical engineering and biophysics participates in a PhD program of the Faculty of Biology and the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education of University of Belgrade.


sladjan milanovic
Slađan Milanović, PhD

Assistant Professor of Research

suzana blesic
Suzana Blesić PhD

Research Associate


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