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The Institute for Medical Research is the leading national scientific institute in the field of biomedicine and is a member of the University of Belgrade.

The Institute carries out applied research in close collaboration with clinical centers and other healthcare institutions in Serbia.


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Institute for Medical Research was founded in 1947 by the Serbian Academy of Sciences with the mission to contribute to the health of the social community by advancing science, especially in the field of medical research.

Today, the Institute carries out basic and applied research in the field of biomedicine, and the main goal of our activity is the application and dissemination of knowledge within the framework of scientific research, education and developed international cooperation.

Today, the Institute employs 91 associates, and almost 80 are researchers with different educational profiles in the fields of medical and natural sciences, who are organized into ten research groups. The scientific research work of the associates of the Institute for Medical Research is aimed at acquiring and spreading knowledge in the field of biomedicine, researching the mechanisms underlying physiological and pathological conditions and processes, with the aim of improving the understanding of various diseases and contributing to the development of new diagnostic methods and therapeutic approaches. .

From the small group of researches in 1947, the Institute has developed into an organization with 93 members, of which more than 80 are researchers of different backgrounds (medical doctors, biologists, pharmacists, chemists, physicists, engineers, psychologists). Such a diverse human power is well positioned to carry out both basic and applied research in several different fields of biomedicine. The core of our mission has always been implementation and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge through scientific research, education and intensive international collaborations.

Since its foundation, researches of the Institute were involved in various types and levels of teaching activities at different faculties of the University of Belgrade and other university centers in our country. From 2005 onward, Institute is a member of University of Belgrade.

National Centres of Excellence

Currently the Institute’s main organizational units are ten scientific research Groups and also hosts two national Centers of Excellence, Center for Food and Vector Borne Zoonoses and Center for Nutrition nad Metabolism.


Applied research is carried out in close collaboration with clinical centers and other healthcare institutions in Serbia. In addition, for the benefit of the national health-care system, the Institute exclusively performs certain highly specialized diagnostic analyses.

Substantial additional expertise comes from extensive and growing national and international collaborations, The Institute’s researches actively participate in European research projects (EU Framework Programmes, COST, EUREKA, SCOPES, EFSA), as well as bilateral projects with many European countries.

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