Scientific projects and results

Our Institute carries out numerous scientific projects in the field of biomedicine, which are financed by national and international funds and organizations. Our scientists publish their work in prestigious scientific journals and conferences. Our Institute is recognized as a leader in biomedical science and practice in Serbia and the region.

Meet our scientists and experts

Our Institute has more than 100 employees, of which more than 80 are PhDs or PhD candidates. Our scientists and experts are top professionals in their fields, who have rich experience and knowledge. Our scientists and experts are also excellent mentors and lecturers, who pass on their knowledge and skills to the younger generation.

Join our scientific community

Our Institute offers various opportunities for education and training in the field of biomedicine, both for students and for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, associates and visiting researchers. Our Institute also organizes various events, such as congresses, symposia, colloquia, lectures and workshops, where you can learn, exchange ideas and establish cooperation with other scientists and experts.

Support our work and development

Our Institute is committed to the advancement of biomedical science and practice, as well as to contributing to the health and well-being of the social community. Our Institute relies on support and cooperation with various partners and donors, who recognize our value and potential. Our Institute is open to new ideas and projects that can contribute to our mission and vision.

About Institute

The Institute for Medical Research was founded in 1947 by the Serbian Academy of Sciences with the mission to bring health to social communities through the advancement of science, especially in the field of medical research.

Today, the Institute conducts basic and applied research in the field of biomedicine, and the main goal of our activity is the application and dissemination of knowledge within the framework of scientific research, education and development with international cooperation.



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Centers of Excellence

Our centers of excellence bring together top scientists and experts from different disciplines and fields, who collaborate on multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects.

Our centers of excellence have modern equipment and infrastructure, as well as access to the latest scientific information and resources.

Our centers of excellence contribute to the development of biomedical science and practice, as well as to the improvement of people’s health and quality of life.

A Word from the Director

Welcome to the website of the Institute for Medical Research,

leading institution in Serbia and the region for biomedical research.

Our mission is to develop and deliver excellence in all aspects of biomedical science,

biotechnology and bioinformatics through basic and applied research.

As one of the foremost authorities in biomedicine, we are committed to set the highest national and

international scientific quality standards through training, education, validation, and continuous professional development.

The Institute would like to contribute to the health of society through discoveries,

innovations development and transfer of new knowledge as the internationally recognized medical research institute.

We are proud of our achievements and contributions to the scientific community and society.

We invite you to go through, read and explore our website and learn more about our research, publications, projects, and events.

Saša Radovanović, MD, PhD



Applied research is carried out in close collaboration with clinical centers and other healthcare institutions in Serbia. In addition, for the benefit of the national health-care system, the Institute exclusively performs certain highly specialized diagnostic analyses.

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