European Network for Foodborne Parasites

Action Head: Prof. Lucy Robertson, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Laboratory of Parasitology, Adamstuen Campus, Oslo, Norway MC member: Olgica Djurković-Djaković MD, PhD; MC member substitute: Branko Bobić MD, PhD Project No.: Action FA1408- Euro-FBP, 2014-2019.

Epidemiological risk models for vector borne diseases in a changing world. The case study of mosquito and tick-borne diseases under different conditions of habitat integrity, environment and climate

Bilateral Scientific Collaboration: Scientific cooperation between Republic of Serbia and Italy, 2013-2015 Project Leader from Serbia:   Duško Ćirović, PhD, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade Participants from IMI: Snežana Tomanović, PhD; Sanja Ćakić, PhD student; Ratko Sukara, PhD student Project Leader from Italy: Paolo Tizziani, PhD, University of Turin